Fashion Award Cleaners Services
Our Services
Our services are impeccable. Nothing leaves our plant that hasn’t been inspected several times, to be sure that it can be worn to the fanciest event or the most important child’s birthday party. Our customers have sent us photos of themselves in garments we’ve cleaned to show how great they looked. That is the great satisfaction we have being a Top Dry Cleaner in New York City (where everyone’s standards are high).
alterations Alterations
Our tailoring people can come to your home or office or you can come to our shop to have your garments altered. Our clients often tell us that they think it looks perfect (when it is pinned), and our tailor still wants to make it better.

That is why many of the garments that are altered have a custom-made look. They look “finished” and perfect for your body and up-to-date. One of our clients has us visit in “her closet” each season to update her wardrobe and make it all look right.


Area Rugs
Fashion Award Cleaners can come and pick up your rugs, clean them and deliver them to you in beautiful condition. The best part is that they will move your furniture and then replace it on the rug afterward.

Good rugs should be cleaned regularly so they maintain their beauty and also so they’re healthy for you and your family.

bed linen

Bed Linen
There is nothing better than lying down on a bed with fresh crisp ironed linens on it. It makes you feel like you’re in a five star hotel in Monte Carlo. So why not do it at home?

Our soaps and sizings are gentle and will preserve your best linens and bedding so that you’ll feel like a queen (or king) when you treat yourself to this special service.


Bridal Gowns
Whether your wedding gown is an Oleg Cassini or a Vera Wang, or a designer no one has heard of….the dress represents a wonderful day and should be preserved for you, or for someone you want to wear it.

The fine delicate fabrics, trim, and beaded details make a gown a real work of art. That is why we carefully clean it , and use our special Fashion Award Cleaners Method of preserving it as a special family heirloom.

business wear Business Wear
Business clothes can help build your credibility, play up your talents, increase your paycheck…and make a great first impression. Whether you are a man or a woman, your clothes also help build your confidence.

That is why business suits, always have to look perfect. Showing up at work for a business meeting with a crumpled suit jacket, or a tie with a stain on it, just looks sloppy. That is why we pay attention to every detail, and check your garments carefully before you leave our store.

casual wear

Casual Wear
Some people think that their sweaters, golf shirts, jogging suits, jeans and tee shirts should be able to be cared for at home in their own laundry. Yet, they bring in their “worn once” Izod shirt and it looks like a crumpled misshapen mess.

When you bring your casual wear to Fashion Award Cleaners, you know you are going to walk out with it looking perfect. So why waste the money of trying to “unshrink” your favorite jeans, or that brand new golf shirt? Bring it to us, and you’ll wear it proudly.

couture wear

Couture Care
Some designer clothes need special attention, because they are made of unusual fabric and have special trim or ornamentation. Fashion Award Cleaners has specialists who know the styles, construction and materials that are used by the designer, so they know how to clean it most carefully.

Most of these garments are cleaned carefully by hand. So, when you walk out wearing your special blouse, it will look the same way it did when you bought it.


Crystals, Beads & Sequins
Today’s clothes are trimmed with gems for formal wear, and casual dress. Store windows are featuring t-shirts embellished with sequins. Fashion Award Cleaners is the place to take these garments when they are soiled.

In fact, when a care label says, “Spot Clean Only”, “Do Not Dry Clean”…what are you supposed to do with it? Bring it straight to Fashion Award Cleaners, as we’re masterful at cleaning the impossible.


Decorative Fabrics

So, Fashion Award Cleaners personnel can come into your home and take down your draperies, clean them and rehang them for you. They can do the same for your slip covers, cornices, and any fabric items you have. This service is great if you want to go away on vacation and come back to your fresh and clean home in New York.


Fur & Fur Trim
Whether you have a cashmere sweater with a fox collar, or a cape with mink insets, the garment has to be cleaned and glazed just like you would a fur coat.

It also needs to be stored in climate and humidity controlled area. So, when you clean and store
your outer garments at Fashion Award Cleaners, don’t forget to include your fur-trimmed ones also.


Leather Care
When you purchase a leather garment, your first consideration is whether or not you will be able to have it cleaned. Our customers never do.

We talk to you about the cleaning and restoration beforehand and our artisans offer our best recommendations for suede as well as leather. Your clothing will feel great and look new again.


More and more people are coming to our store with tears on the collars of suits and dresses, because in their excitement to remove tags, they tear them off…and rip the garment. Our reweavers can restore the garment so it will be undetectable.

That is also true for cigarette holes, moth holes, or a rip on a trouser leg, or the hem of a dress. When our clients pick up their garments, they can’t remember where the damage happened.


Scarves are a perfect accessory, if we didn’t have to wear them around our necks (where we might sweat) and maybe drop food on them. If your scarf is hand-rolled and hand-stitched and seems very fragile, it can be cleaned.

We can bring it back to its former glory that made you fall in love with it in the first place.


Shirt Care
One of our clients told us that we care for his shirts like gold, and he’s had them for years now. The reason is that we use only eco-friendly products on them, and we hand clean all collars and cuffs. Each shirt is hand finished.

We guarantee that the shirt will have all of its buttons in tact and look perfect for your next meeting or special dinner.

shoes Shoe Care
Sometimes people are at our counter with their garments and their shoes. People often ask if we repairs shoes and shine them. We do. Years ago, we decided to do cleaning from “nose to toes”, and so we have some expert shoemakers who can help make you look perfect in every way… and it is like a “one stop shop” during your busy day.

table linen

Table Linen
Whether your grandma’s favorite hand embroidered tablecloth ended up with wine stains or beef gravy on it, our experts will make sure we can clean it and restore it for you.

There is one proviso about your linens, and that is to get it to our store quickly, as the fresher the stain, the better the outcome.


Tie Care
Dry cleaning your great necktie is a specialty at Fashion Award Cleaners. We’ve cleaned all kinds of stains from the best Paul Stuart ones to the Ferragamo five-fold silk power ties. The real secret is to have it leave our shop with its original volume (and not flattened, like it has been ironed).

We treat ties in a special way, without abrading the fabric or losing color on hand-painted designs.


White Wear
White garments need to be clean, bright and white. We guarantee yours will leave our shop looking like that. So you don’t have or hesitate about buying that white linen jacket or the winter white suit again, because you’ll be able to have it forever, when you leave it in our care.

Even people who have left their whites in the closet for a few years, have brought them in, and
we’ve been able to make them look like new once again.

“My daughter was married last year, and all of the wedding party gowns needed pressing and last-minute alterations. Fashion Award personnel saved the day. Larry even went to Vera Wang’s store to see exactly how to tie the bustle on the wedding gown."
-Susan K.
“Thank you for everything – for the beautiful and reliable work, timely delivery – but mostly for your kindness. Thank you for giving me a ‘neighborhood’ in the true sense of the word.”
"When we moved, I had all my clothing and upholstery sent straight to Fashion Award. Then it was delivered and re-hung and looked perfect in my new home."
-Eileen M.
"My suits and shirts have to look perfect for my meetings. So, when I’m headed out of town, I have Fashion Award clean them and use their Pack and Go Service. Then I arrive at my hotel and they’re waiting for me."
-Ivan F.
“Thank you for everything – for the beautiful and reliable work, timely delivery – but mostly for your kindness. Thank you for giving me a ‘neighborhood’ in the true sense of the word.”