Best Cleaner New York City Fashion Award Cleaners
The Dry Cleaner You Use When All of New York is Your Catwalk
For more than 50 years, Fashion Award Cleaners has been creating miracles with clothes. The finest garments in the world have come in our doors (sometimes from consignment stores, or Mom’s attic), and other times from the closets of great celebrities. Quietly we have rewoven small tears, moth holes, and taken special care to clean spots and stains that other cleaners have given up on. From vintage Diors to today’s Dolce Gabbana dresses, we’ve seen the best, loveliest, most handsome clothes ever made. We are so fortunate that their owners have entrusted us with these coveted items. We have been named “the Best of New York” cleaners by New York Magazine. We delight in seeing these garments striding around the City in the very best places.